Setting Goals for Innovation 

Setting goals for the innovation investment is critical if your company treats innovation as a business imperative activity and not just a nice to have that happens on the sideline.  This said, setting goals for innovation becomes even more critical in times when resources are scarce and the company needs to reshuffle its priorities.  Experience […]

Three Things Your Company Needs to Have in Place to Implement Innovation Accounting

In a volatile world where the only certainty is the uncertainty, companies can no longer view innovation as a ‘nice to have’,  but a business imperative. A go-to vehicle for sustainable growth.  But for long, innovation was seen more as an art form than a science. There is a common tendency to conflate creativity with […]

Measuring Innovation Strategy

Innovation strategy

Our product launch has failed, our competitors opened in five new locations, and we’ve missed our targets. Where should we place the blame? Was it a bad launch by the marketing team? Bad luck that the competitor is moving fast? Bad numbers from market research? Or could it be the innovation strategy? We rarely measure […]

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