Innovation Accounting is for Everyone

For a considerable period, I maintained the belief that innovation accounting, the practice of quantifying innovation, was reserved only for those companies that had reached the upper echelons of innovation maturity. My stance was that innovation accounting was a concern best addressed once a company had established fundamentals such as an innovation process, a framework […]

Cost of Failure vs. Rate of Failure

SUMMARY Without a doubt, many businesses today consider innovation a cornerstone for growth and sustainability. As companies strive to foster innovation-led growth, prioritizing wise investment in innovation becomes essential. Consequently, there is significant emphasis on the success rate of innovation investments, measured through metrics such as the number of pilots implemented from those started, the […]

Setting Goals for Innovation 

Setting goals for the innovation investment is critical if your company treats innovation as a business imperative activity and not just a nice to have that happens on the sideline.  This said, setting goals for innovation becomes even more critical in times when resources are scarce and the company needs to reshuffle its priorities.  Experience […]

Three Things Your Company Needs to Have in Place to Implement Innovation Accounting

In a volatile world where the only certainty is the uncertainty, companies can no longer view innovation as a ‘nice to have’,  but a business imperative. A go-to vehicle for sustainable growth.  But for long, innovation was seen more as an art form than a science. There is a common tendency to conflate creativity with […]

Getting started with a Venture Board

A Venture Board is a key component of an innovation system – without one you can’t get the much needed innovation accounting metrics. here is how you set one up.

An executive summary of The Innovation Accounting book

An executive summary of the Innovation Accounting Book, Winner of the Golden Axiom Business Book Award 2022 for Business intelligence and Innovation. Definition of Innovation Accounting: “an organized system of principles and indicators designed to gather, classify, analyze and report data about a company’s breakthrough and disruptive innovation efforts – working to complement the existing […]

In Defense of Facebook

Facebook’s shares are dropping. Does that mean they are done for? Recently Facebook’s shares have dropped significantly. They registered the biggest single-day loss of any listed company in the history of the New York Stock Exchange. Apart from EU regulation issues, the loss seems to be primarily due to losing users on the platform. Affecting daily active […]

Measuring Open Innovation: measuring joint ventures

In previous articles we identified 4 types of open innovation practices incumbents can engage in and we looked at how two of the four can be measured. Specifically how can free and paid pilots be measured, how can acquisitions (M&A) be measured and how venturing (corporate venture capital investments) can be measured. Now let’s turn […]

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