Innovation Accounting & The Corporate Startup Author Lets the Numbers Tell the Story

Amazon, Tesla, and FedEx didn’t see profit during their first five years in business, but investors continued to put their trust in each company until they finally broke through.

How did each company make this happen? What stories did they tell to inspire investors to keep investing?

In this episode of Innovation Storytelling, Dan Toma, author of Innovation Accounting & The Corporate Startup, talks about innovation accounting, how it differs from regular accounting, and why it’s a crucial tool in Innovation Storytelling.

Innovtion+ Talks – Necessity for Innovation Accounting

This week on Innovation Talks:

The two types of innovation, their purposes, and how to integrate them into your ecosystem
Why failures are crucial learning opportunities
What innovation accounting means and why data-driven learning is vital for teams in startups
How innovation accounting can be leveraged in larger corporate companies
How to validate learning, identify relevant metrics, and determine if your strategy is working
Using non-financial metrics in disruptive innovation and how they help transform a company

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