Measuring Innovation Culture

In the field of corporate innovation, one of the most often-used terms is “culture of innovation”. It’s the centre of the conversation when market success of companies like NETFLIX, Gore or Zappos is discussed. And it’s also brought up when people have a need to point fingers at some companies inability to grow beyond their […]

Efficiency of the innovation investment (EII)

Innovation expenditure falls primarily under the operating expense (OPEX) of a company. Because OPEX makes up the bulk of a company’s ongoing costs, leaders typically look for ways to reduce OPEX without causing a critical drop in quality or production output. And innovation is always a prime target when OPEX cuts are needed as initiatives […]

The 9 Mistakes Venture Boards Make

This article was originally posted on The Future Shapers where I’m a regular contributor. Although in principle everyone agrees that corporations need to get better at mimicking the venture capital world when it comes to taking investment decisions in ventures, in reality this is proving harder to apply.  One of the vehicles corporations created internally […]

Measuring Ethics

This article was originally posted on The Future Shapers where I’m a regular contributor. Today all industries go through changes, making an understanding of the factors that influence purchase decisions highly important. With every firm attempting to gain a desired share of the market by providing the highest quality products that are readily available at […]

The Venture Boards

This article was originally posted on The Future Shapers where I’m a regular contributor Measuring innovation at product team level is not enough to have an innovation accounting system. Innovation has become an important activity for the survivability and future profitability of a company. Therefore more and more stakeholders are drawn to the process of […]

From Review To Preview

An interview with Thomas Vogth-Eriksen, CFO DNV GL, on how innovation is changing the CFO’s role This article was originally posted on the Thinkers50 Blog Recently, Dan sat with DNV GL’s CFO, Thomas Vogth-Eriksen, to discuss the changes brought about by the digital economy to the CFO role. DNV GL is one of the world’s […]

Principles of an Innovation Accounting System

Although a driving force for growth in most industries, innovation differs from company to company. But be it in banking, in automotive or FMCG, the uncertainty associated with innovation is still something that needs to be managed. And in order to be able to manage something, it first needs to be measured and understood. Unfortunately,  […]

8 Myths of Measuring Innovation

Measuring innovation has long been perceived as the pinnacle of innovation management. However in most organization today, innovation measurements are only take sporadically (if at all) and with little thought put into them. Moreover when a company wants to start measuring innovation it is most likely to make some mistakes. Mistakes rooted in myths about […]

Are Employees Assets or Liabilities?

This article was originally posted on the Thinkers50 Blog Oscar Wilde is credited with the quote “The cynic knows the price of everything and the value of nothing”. And some say this is a reflection of most financial executives’ mental model. To be successful any company requires assets. These range from cash to securities and […]

The 3 Conundrums Of Financial Accounting

Accounting is as old as time. It can be traced all the way back to ancient Mesopotamia. And there, its origins are closely intertwined with the ones of writing, counting and currency. Progressing in time, the double entry bookkeeping used today by companies around the world was introduced in the late 15th century by the […]

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