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Measuring Open Innovation: measuring free and paid pilots

Make no mistake, open innovation engagements are not single-sided deals; they have to work for both partners if they are to be effective. It is vital therefore that chief executive officers of both the corporate and the start-up share common strategic goals of delivering innovation whilst at the same time

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Innovation strategy

Measuring Innovation Strategy

Our product launch has failed, our competitors opened in five new locations, and we’ve missed our targets. Where should we place the blame? Was it a bad launch by the marketing team? Bad luck that the competitor is moving fast? Bad numbers from market research? Or could it be the

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Measuring Innovation Culture

In the field of corporate innovation, one of the most often-used terms is “culture of innovation”. It’s the centre of the conversation when market success of companies like NETFLIX, Gore or Zappos is discussed. And it’s also brought up when people have a need to point fingers at some companies

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Efficiency of the innovation investment (EII)

Innovation expenditure falls primarily under the operating expense (OPEX) of a company. Because OPEX makes up the bulk of a company’s ongoing costs, leaders typically look for ways to reduce OPEX without causing a critical drop in quality or production output. And innovation is always a prime target when OPEX

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Making the New Product Vitality Index (NPVI) work in real life

The highest performing companies are those that can deliver profitable year-over-year organic growth. Innovations are a key element for sustainable growth by enabling companies to acquire new customers and keep existing ones.  The question for businesses is: How can you measure the effectiveness of the innovation ecosystem for delivering sustainable

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